Leo Stole my Pizza

He Stole my Pizza.jpg

My cat had to drive me to work today.

Leo Drove me to Work Today

Leo has finally had it with all the barking

Leo - The Roar.jpg

Mommy went to teach Zumba

Mommy left us to teach Zumba-B&W

Sleeping on the couch with Mommy

Bedtime with Mommy

Mommy went to the store and we were freezing cold. So Leo and I started a fire.

Only gone for 30 Minutes

Mommy Took us to the Super Market…But we crashed the shopping cart.

Leo Goes to Stop & Shop

Leo's Crash


What is that?

Leo - What is that?.jpg

Bathroom nightmare

Brushing Teeth Nightmare

I knew the deer were using our fire pit!

Fire Pit

Buck Grassidy-Trouble_0000_Frame 001


Lost in Time




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